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Bullet Proof Night - Extended/Night Diaper with Windpro


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Everybody is always looking for a bullet proof night solution for their super heavy wetters. These are for those babies that leak out of everything. They are wider between the legs to fit more soakers/ boosters. They come with 4 soakers: a large(topped with minky and has 2 layers of SHOBF), a medium (now even wider than before) and small both have 3 layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece (SHOBF). The 4th extra small is Heavy Hemp-cotton.

Bullets have extra room to fit even more soakers/boosters. We have the option to add another booster at a discount all sizes (small, medium and large) have 3 layers of SHOBF.


Diaper Body:

The diaper bodies have 2 layers of windpro, wider between the legs to fit as many soakers as needed. Fits 8-35+ lbs

Soaker/Inserts: 4 included

SHOBF= Super Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece AND
Heavy Hemp/Cotton (4th extra small)

  1. Large is 2 layers of SHOBF topped with minky.
  2. Medium (NOW WIDER) has 3 layers of SHOBF.
  3. Small has 3 layers of SHOBF.
  4. Extra small (NEW ADDITION) is 3 layers of Heavy Hemp Cotton.

****We also have the option to add another booster in sizes( small, medium and large) all have 3 layers of SHOBF. ****

Fabric Prep Info

All materials are prewashed, but probably are not fully prepped. The diaper can be put on baby as soon as you receive it. Keep in mind full absorbency will be achieved in about 5 or more washes, as bamboo needs to be washed about 10 times to reach its full absorbent capabilities.


All materials used to create Kissing Blake products are state and federally code compliant.


Hybrid means the diaper is not fully waterproof, it requires a cover to become fully waterproof. But the diaper can be worn without a cover up to 12+ hours (depending on the child and how heavy a wetter she/he is).

Quality Fabric

I use the best quality fabrics I can find to create the best diaper for your baby. The vast majority of my outer fabrics are Euro knit imports, are of high quality, look newer longer, many are organic, pricy, and hard to find (HTF). I keep on hand dozens of yards of great fabric to create custom diapers for you, ehem I mean your little one.

Return Policy

If you return a custom item, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee, if it can be sold. If it is a complete custom it can not be returned. Returns are accepted within 7 business days of receipt of item. All returns must not be washed and not worn. All returned items must be shipped with a tracking number to ensure we receive it. Please send an email to for all return requests. Any custom it

(DISCLAIMER: Kissing Blake TM items are not licensed products of Lucas film, Marvel, Disney, DC, or any trademark/copyrighted company you may see in my apparel. However, my items using these fabrics are created using licensed fabric. Kissing Blake TM is not affiliated with or sponsored by any of these companies.)