KB Layaway


Here at KB we want to make our products available to everyone. We want to share our love of these diapers and KB items with everyone so we offer a layaway option. Please read all the terms for layaway before filling out the form.

1.  When you choose Layaway as the option from Checkout, you will only pay the down-payment plus shipping at checkout. You will be sent an invoice for the balance of the order.

2. You can make Paypal payments on the invoice anytime up to 2 months.

3. If you wish to cancel at any time, you will have to contact Leah to issue a refund via Paypal.

4. Payment reminders will be sent by the Paypal system.

5. If you wish to revise your payment plan you will have to contact Leah via Facebook or email. Leah has the authority to cancel your order and refund payments that have been made. The three strike rule will apply: First offense is a warning, second offense is a 30 day time out from layaway, and third offense will remove your ability to use the layaway option and Leah reserves the right to remove you from the group. She will try to send reminders but it is up to you to keep up with your invoices.

For a detailed Step By Step of the Layaway process click on this Step-By-Step link