KB Fabric Pre-Orders

Here at KB we are always looking for new fabrics, and designing new fabrics. We will first gauge for interest.During this time we look for how many people would be interested in the fabric.

1. Once we have enough interest we will open the fabric for pre-order in the SYOF album. In that album under the appropriate fabric picture we will state the cost of each KB item that can be made from the fabric and provide where to send a $5 deposit to claim a spot for the fabric and to fill out an order form. We request you send the $5 deposit as friends and family but if you send it as goods and services the $5 minus PayPal fees will be put towards your final balance.

2. We will also state when pre-orders will close.

3. Once pre-order closes Leah will order the fabric and state on that post when she does.

4. She will update when she receives the fabric along with any other pertinent information on that post.

5. Once Leah receives the fabric she will invoice for the remaining balance. Timeframe for the diaper or other KB items to be made is: fabric shipping time (depends on where we are ordering from but could be as long as 2-3 months) plus 5-7 weeks from when full payment is made.

Please take your time filling out the order form, as it is very time consuming to make corrections once invoices are sent.