HOW TO: Payment Options

Payment Options

There are two Payment Options:

  1. Credit Card  via SHOPIFY.COM
  2. PayPal

Credit Card via SHOPIFY.COM

We do not process any payments directly. This Credit Card Payment Option is passed to for processing and verified and returned to our site. All credit Card processing is exclusively handled by 


This payment option is the typical Paypal payment option that you are used to seeing. 


PayPal Outages occur on occasion. When they do this affects almost all eCommerce systems that rely on this service. When we experience a PayPal outage, it is often very painful for both us, and our customers. One of the typical results of an outage are 1) transactions that have no record in our system, 2) Oversells, and 3) Cancelled products during Carting. When an outage occurs, this is completely out of our control and we will have to work with and rely on, as well as Paypal to resolve any issues.