KB On-Hand Fabric/Embroidery Custom Ordering

Please take your time filling out the order form, as it is very time consuming to make corrections once invoices are sent.

1. Fill out Diaper order form. If you need to know if a fabric is available you can comment on the picture or PM an admin and we will let you know. CV inner fabric is found at this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…


For snap colors you can put any color and Leah should have it (exception is Copper that color has been discontinued). Some embroidery designs can be found here:
http://www.kissingblake.com/embroidery-choices.html, but if you have a design in mind please feel free to speak with an admin and we can give you some options.

2. Please be sure to use the correct paypal email address so the invoice goes to the correct email. Failure to do so can cause delay in invoicing.

3. Leah will invoice once a week, usually on a Sunday but that is subject to change depending on her schedule.

4. Please pay your invoice within 1 week of the invoice date. When paying your invoice DOUBLE CHECK THE SHIPPING ADDRESS AND ENSURE ACCURACY! We cannot stress this enough. We can only ship to the address that is on the confirmation invoice per paypal guidelines. If you select the wrong address we are not held accountable. If there is a change that needs to be made we have to redo the whole invoice which is highly time consuming so please double check the address and pertinent information prior to submitting.


1. Once we have received your payment non-embroidered diapers take 6-8 weeks and embroidered diapers/harems/dresses/toddlersize diapers take 8-10+ weeks.