All Natural Hemp Face Wipes - (QUANTITY 10)

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Our All Natural Hemp face wipes are soft and gentle, and stay soft and absorbent for a long time. These face wipes are for our great and wonderful mamas.

Our face wipes are made with a double layer of Hemp Cotton Fleece which is made of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. They are great for gripping, and very absorbent. One side is very soft the other side is a little rougher. I like to use the soft side around my eyes, and the rougher side for the rest of my face, great for gentle exfoliation. They are the perfect size at three inches.

Since they are made from all natural materials they are better for the environment, and better for you and your family. They are washable and reusable. They are unbleached and are the natural creamy color. 

Use them wet or dry. Use them to apply makeup, remove makeup, clean and exfoliate, your face. 

Our wipes are easy to wash. They can go in regular laundry, with clothing or towels. It's best to put them in a lingerie bag, so they don't get lost. It's best to not use bleach on hemp, it can destroy the beneficial properties.  Best to wash in cold or cool water, and air dry. Driers can shrink hemp fabrics. I preshrink and prewash the fabric before I begin to sew.

Hemp Properties:

  • Is a renewable resource
  • Is an ancient plant, it's been turned into fabric for thousands of years
  • Doesn't exaust the land of nutriants 
  • produces more than double the fabric cotton does on the same size land
  • Is 8 times stronger than cotton
  • Hemp has UV resistant properties
  • More resistant to mold, bacteria and mildew
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • When hemp is being grown pesticides and insecticides are not needed
  • Is anti-bacterial, non-irritating